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Run All Day Backpack | Rodale Wellness

November 19, 2015

running backpackPhotograph courtesy of Lululemon

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This bag just does everything right, period. Firstly, it fits amazingly. The shaped back panel with ventilation helps keep you comfortable while an exterior bungee cord program helps you maintain all the equipment you need close to your body without the actual bounce. Editor-tested, this bag may fit a whole new outfit, your own makeup bag, a water bottle, and never weigh you down (understand this: it holds up to 50 pounds!). In addition, it's reflective, adding an additional layer of security during those early morning and post-work, winter season runs.

What else we love:
• Padded pocket for your tablet
• Pockets around the harness tend to be perfectly positioned for nutrition
• Waster-resistant fabric helps protect against light rain

The Particulars: $118, Lululemon

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