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The At-Home Bikini Body Workout For a Lifted Backside

May 18, 2015

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The good news is that you don'capital t need fancy equipment or even gym to firm up your own rear view. Pasternak shares three go-to techniques that will help you build a better butt. The good thing? You can do the actual moves within the comfort of your home. Do three sets of 20 reps two times a week for any bikini-ready derrire. Cover up? What cover up? 

Stiff-Legged Deadlift
1. Stand with feet shoulder-width distance aside and knees slightly curved. Hold the dumbbell in every hand, palms facing upper thighs. 
2. Bend as well as lean forward at sides, lowering dumbbells past the knees. 
3. Contract your hamstrings to return to your starting placement for one repetition.

Walking Lunge
1. Stand with  feet shoulder-width aside and on the job hips.
2. Advance with correct leg. Bend both legs and lower sides towards the ground. Keep   front knee straight over the ankle joint. Lower  back knee near to the ground, but not touching this. Keep torso upright.
3. Drive through the back heel of front foot and lengthen both legs to stand upward.
4. Step forward with left feet and repeat for one rep.

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Hip Thrusts
1. Lie lying on your back with  ft flat on the ground and hip-width range apart. Rest arms by sides. To increase the intensity, place a set of dumbbells across pelvis as well as hold all of them in place along with hands.
2. Participate core as well as squeeze butt to raise hips and lower back off the ground. Be sure not to let your ribs pazazz out towards the ceiling. Instead, aim to possess a straight collection from shoulders to legs.
3. Hold minimizing to beginning position for just one rep. 

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