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Cobie Smulders\’ Fitness Attitude is Totally Relatable

By Cathryne Keller
April 17, 2015

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But just because the lady schedules normal sweat periods, doesn't mean she doesn'capital t struggle with workout motivation such as the rest of us mere mortals. "I don’t enjoy working out, I don’t like it," the lady confessed. "But through this particular film encounter I learned a lot and learned really how to work out, take control of your body, to strengthen it and just become stronger and more capable. I really began to enjoy working out, which was an initial for me. Working out that I do was mostly cardio because the physical stuff in the movie was just running a lot. I just wanted to get to a place where I could shoot those lengthy days — that they were — and not pass out, which I managed to perform. I was happy with myself."

And concentrating on the mind-body advantages of a healthy lifestyle is how Cobie approaches her food choices, too: "I always connect [the word] 'healthy' with ‘eating healthily,'" she described. "I’m big into ‘you\’re what you eat’ and if you’re taking care of yourself due to that, then you’re going to feel great. Look good, feel good."

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