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A Knockout Workout Playlist That\’ll Help You Go Hard (LISTEN)

By Cathryne Keller
April Ten, 2015

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Hino — who trains Carmelo Anthony as well as Kelly Rowland — creates high-energy workouts that blend HIIT, cardio, strength training, and boxing technique instruction. Their goal would be to build stamina and endurance — two elements of crucial importance in order to championship-level fighters (and 20-something fitness editors). Translation: With no super-energizing playlist, you might not make it past Hino's first spherical of burpees. “A good up-tempo, interesting, and inspiring playlist is key in order to keeping you involved and targeted while your heart rate continues to be elevated,” he says.

Need a playlist that'll help you slay your next exercise? Turn the volume up on this particular motivating mix of alternative, steel, and hip-hop. As Hino would say, "Let's proceed! Let's proceed!"

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