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Fitbie Find: Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility Training Shoe

By Cathryne Keller
February 19, 2015

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That\’s why I am a huge fan of today\’s #fitbiefind, the new Flyknit Zoom Agility women\’s training shoe through Nike. I\’m a part-time runner, but I also do a large amount of interval training, kickboxing, and trunk camp-style classes, and this is the perfect do-it-all shoe for gym-goers who choose to mix up their workouts. 

So far I\’ve tested all of them out at a (crazy-cool) group period workout from Nike\’s pop-up LED basketball court in New York City and my regular Saturday kickboxing class, and I\’m in love. I didn\’t realize I needed more support for workouts where I\’m jumping around until I tried these cozy sneakers. I normally wear Nike Free instruction shoes, which are great, but I started to notice that very-high-impact workouts were hard on my personal knees — I would sometimes be aching after doing a ton of jump kicks, for example. With the Flyknit Move Agility? No post-workout knee issues!

Nike touts that the \”pods\” at the base of the single \”deliver ultra-responsive cushioning upon impact\” and that\’s just how I\’d explain the support — no matter how higher you leap, or how you move, the feet are instantly supported once they hit the floor. An important note: I thought they can fit a little snug at first, but a Nike rep assured me personally that\’s the idea — the knit upper cuddles your foot like a sock, providing you with a stable, breathable fit (not to mention a cool appear that\’ll established you apart at the gym).

The only downsides I have come across so far would be the laces — they\’re a little short and stiff, so I find that the tongue slide to the side should you move around a lot — and the price ($150 shoes are a luxury for most of us). But if you work out a lot and can come up with the cash, I\’d state supportive athletic shoes are a useful investment. 

What otherwise we love:

? Super lightweight

? Memory foam within the heel conforms to the form of your foot

The details: Nike Flyknit Zoom Speed women\’s training shoe, $150, nike.com 

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