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A Killer Arms Workout You Can Do at Home

By Melissa Freeswick
January 28, 2015

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My sibling once told me my biceps felt such as "pudding" (gotta adore siblings — siblings in particular), however pudding triceps no more! I now sport a few seriously toned arms, and here’s how you can, too, with out stepping foot in the gym:
What you’ll need: 

A yoga exercise mat or even towel to stand on

Two dumbbells (5-10 pounds)

A kettlebell (15-20 pounds)

The routine: Perform 3 rounds, 12 reps per move, 2-3 occasions per week. Set with a cardiovascular workout for optimal results. And try not to rest among moves or rounds, to keep up your heart rate and those calories burning!

1. Pushups

"Push-ups are a traditional move that really gets the job carried out!" says Kant. Start out parallel to the floor in a plank position then lower your body, bending your arms until your own chest details the floor. Return to start placement and repeat. "If this is too challenging for you personally, rest your knees on the floor for an assisted pushup."

2. Kettlebell Swings

"Kettlebell swings are an amazing full body exercise," says Kant. "They function your core more than you realize, while also firming your arms at the same time." Remain with your feet hip-width apart, keeping the kettlebell with both hands in front of your body, hands loose. Flex your knees slightly, keeping your fat in your high heels. Slightly swing the kettlebell through your legs towards your back then explode with your sides forward delivering the kettlebell upward toward the actual ceiling, overhead or at least chest-height. Be sure to keep your arms straight as well as extended through the entire physical exercise. Bring the actual kettlebell back to the beginning position involving the legs as well as repeat, using the momentum you'ng built up! "Remember to keep your fat in your heels and your primary tight whole time," says Kant.

3. Triceps Kickbacks

Stand with your ft hip-width apart. Maintain a weight in each hands at your side. Bend your torso at your waistline slightly to create a 45-degree angle. Push the dumbbells back until they are parallel with your back. Return them towards the start position, bending your elbows, bringing the dumbbells in line with your own chest. 

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4. Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, bring the dumbbells (one in each hand) as much as your shoulders. With a slight flex in your legs, thrust the dumbbells up overhead to satisfy at the top. Return to the start position with dumbbells at your shoulder blades and repeat. 

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5. Floor Table Presses

Lie on the floor, legs bent with a flat back. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, press them towards the roof then lower the dumbbells until your own triceps touch the floor. Repeat. 

6. Plank Rows

Start in a plank placement, holding a dumbbell in every hand on the ground. Row one dumbbell up to it gets to your waist. Return to ground and repeat on other part. "To in the intensity, develop a push up between your rows," indicates Kant. "It's known as a 'man producer.'"

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